The source of “The Source”

Online paper in paradise perseveres

St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands — Shaun Pennington was into Citizen’s Media before it was cool. More.

(This is a column I wrote for MarketWatch.com while working remote the past two weeks on St. John. There’s audio to accompany – it will soon come.)

3 thoughts on “The source of “The Source””

  1. Again you would have us go to a website that collects our personal information, just to read this article. How arrogant of you to delete my earlier post about this. You ask for opinions but then weed out the ones you personally dislike. You have lost another reader.

  2. Wendy, if you don’t want to register at the site, which financed the story you might want to read, don’t.

  3. Wendy, take it easy. Registration is easy. Use a hotmail, yahoo email address. Put in a phony zip code and put in a phony gender. I’d never give Frank my personal info……he’s the kind of guy that would deposit money in my checking account. I don’t need the tax consequences.

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