The Inquiring Iguana hears …

  • Ocean Grill has dropped its Sunday brunch operation but has added lunch and dinner on Mondays.  The Iguana has always loved the Sunday brunch at Caneel and Miss Lucy’s, but there MUST be others.  Where are they?  Send an e-mail to [email protected]
  • Pastory Gardens, where the miniature golf is (along with the
    killer sunsets) is beefing up Tuesdays.  "Carnivore night", said one
    visitor.  Prime Rib and Pork Tenderloin were on the menu, done by Wally who used to be at Island Blues.
    Two word review: "Very good."  B y the way, Pastory has extended its
    roof so that many of the tables are now covered.  More shade and
    protection from those unexpected island showers.
  • And Lime Inn gets a tip of the sun visor for smoothies in the Ficus Bar, where you can pleasantly wait for a table.  "Best on island," said one imbiber.

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  1. Frank, I love your newsletter. It looks like some of the notes you put in here are coming from Anthony’s forum. I’d feel better if you’d source them. That would be cool.
    Cheers, Rick in McLean, VA

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