The Yacht Apple Built

jobs yacht 1
Image courtesy of Palm Tree Charters

Does this yacht look familiar to anyone? It’s pretty sleek, right?

This yacht happens to be the $140 million beauty that Apple founder Steve Jobs was building when he passed in 2011. The yacht – christened Venus – was unveiled a year later in October 2012.

For those of you on island right now, keep an eye out for Venus. Palm Tree Charters spotted it yesterday in Tortola’s West End, and it was still anchored there early Wednesday morning.

(We’d like to think we had a hand in building this yacht seeing that I’m typing this post on an iMac.)

According to what we found, Venus is 256 feet long and is rumored to be controlled by seven 27-inch iMacs. It features floor to ceiling windows and teak decks.

Jobs discussed the yacht’s build with his biographer Walter Isaacson:

“[Jobs] showed me all of the models and architectural drawings. As expected, the planned yacht was sleek and minimalist. The teak decks were perfectly flat and unblemished by any accoutrements. 

As at an Apple store, the cabin windows were large panes, almost floor to ceiling, and the main living area was designed to have walls of glass that were forty feet long and ten feet high.

‘I know that it’s possible I will die and leave Laurene with a half-built boat,’ [Jobs] said. ‘But I have to keep going on it. If I don’t, it’s an admission that I’m about to die.'”

Rumor has it that the Jobs family gave iPod Shuffles inscribed with the yacht’s name to each of the people who built Venus. Pretty cool.

Hopefully Venus will make an appearance in St. John. As always, if you happen to come across this yacht, feel free to send your pics to [email protected]

Here’s another view of Venus courtesy of Palm Tree Charters:

jobs yacht 2
Image courtesy of Palm Tree Charters

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