The Willy T is Back Open!

willy t

Hello everyone and happy Monday! We have great news to share with you all today … the Willy T is back open! Woohoo!!

Our friends at Palm Tree Charters were among the first guests to the new Willy T Saturday afternoon, and they said the place looks great! As you may remember, the Willy T was told last month that it was no longer allowed to anchor over at Normal Island. Its owners were forced to find a new home, and that new home is now at nearby Peter Island. Here’s a little map we made to show you its new location:

willy t locations

So fortunately its new spot isn’t too far from the old spot.

Palm Tree Charters took several pictures for all of you. Honestly, the place looks great. And clean! Check them out:

willy t bar willy t menu

willy t

willy t boats

Because the Willy T just opened, we honestly do not know what their hours are. But my guess is that it’s around 11 a.m. or so until…. well whenever. 🙂

We’re going to try to make it over there ourselves today. We will let you all know how it goes! In the meantime, have a great day everyone!

2 thoughts on “The Willy T is Back Open!”

  1. We are gonna be on STJ in 3 weeks. We are planning a trip to Willy T and Jost. How do we clear C&I when coming back to the USVI?
    Thanks, Jeff

    • Very carefully. You will have to clear into the BVI at West End Tortola (clear in and out at the same time) at the “new” rates, and clear back in to Cruz Bay upon your return. I would check procedures for how to clear if you come back after the Cruz Bay CBP office closes. That may be a moving target. I’ve cleared back in ONCE since 1999, but haven’t been over to the BVI in over a year. We had a “local boater” permit, which requires each person on the boat to be permitted as well. You have to call CBP when you return in that case. Caution on this front is advised, as tickets are handed out and there seems to be a marked increase in smuggling. Hence, they’ll be watching. Ask your Charter company or boat rental company. The rules can be a moving target, and I remember the head of CBP telling me 10 years ago its a $5000 fine for not going directly to the nearest CBP on return (if you don’t have the local boater ticket). Likewise, it cost a friend $5000 in Tola a couple years ago for taking their dinghy for a spin out of West end for 10 minutes while waiting for a ferry to disembark. They left the boat in WE and just went for a ride around the corner, came back, dinghy was seized and they were held, released, and had to bring back $5K to get the dinghy back, which had “disappeared,” only to be returned sans engine, which was likewise later found in the custody of one of HMS’s public servants. They’ll never set foot in the BVI again.

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