Red Hook ferry turnstile plan advancing

The St. John chapter of the Chamber of Commerce  is trying to rouse opposition to the Port Authority's plans to install a turnstile at Red Hook. (Photo courtesy of the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority Museum."

Photo_turnstile1922The Authority intends to install turnstiles "along with coin machines requiring that anyone coming to St. John go through an even more arduous procedure by putting quarters into (them) … to pass through, in addition to purchasing ferry and luggage tickets."

Can they make it any more cumbersome and aggravating to get to St. John?, The Inquiring Iguana asks.

The Chamber unit is asking folks opposed to send a letter to the Governor urging him to stop the revolving gates.  The suggested message:

  1. They are a huge inconvenience and obstacle to boarding a ferry, particularly with luggage and packages. Locals and visitors deserve a better, more considerate treatment.
  2. They will be hard to maintain, especially in a high salt environment

  3. They are an extremely inefficient and costly means of collecting funds.

In April, 2009, the Port Authority estimated the turnstiles and a fare increase would generate $500,000. The money would be used to maintain the Red Hook ferry dock.

4 thoughts on “Red Hook ferry turnstile plan advancing”

  1. Normally Frank, you’re very clear. BUT. Why do you need quarters to get through the turnstiles why you have a ticket in hand? Inquiring amphibians would like to know!!

  2. So if the Authority really, really thinks they need the funds that badly, add a 50 cent (or whatever) surcharge to tickets.
    Turnstiles are a ridiculous idea.

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