Locals’ market planning begins

BarshingerThe oft-discussed idea of a Vendor’s Plaza for locals to sell local produce and works of art and talent is back on track.

At Large Senator Craig Barshinger announced that “Work has begun on the advisory phase off the St. John Vendor’s Plaza” in the form of an advisory council which met with representatives frok the Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs.  It was the first of what are expected to be monthly meetings,

Barshinger sponsored a bill which allocated $300,000 for construction of a local marketplace. “The Act specifies that items sold at the plaza must be made, grown or harvested in the Virgin Islands,” the senator said.  The advisory council will work with the Department “in finding a location, establishing vending rules, and developing policy for the plaza, among other things.”

He said a vendor’s plaza is part of his “desire to see St. Johnians retain their culture and price, and showcase it to the world.”

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  1. Bad Idea,unless it’s for St John made grown or harvested items, only. Each Island should have their own straw market. Seen one island straw market seen em all.

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