The Little Island That Could…

aerial shot of St. John in US Virgin Islands

I am always absolutely amazed by the generosity of this island. This past weekend was no different.

The Chaotic Kayak race was held this past Sunday. Team News of St. John didn’t take first, but I couldn’t be prouder of our team. Thank you to Ben, owner of Born to Rhumb; Pat, owner of Love City Fit Camp; William, owner of Irie Pops and an amazing paddler who works for VI Ecotours; Austin, another amazing VI Ecotours paddler; and Greyson, our middle man who is in elementary school over at Gifft Hill. Congrats to Team Rum Hut who took first place!

team news of st john
Team News of St. John!! Greyson, Ben, Austin and William. (Pat is missing from the photo.)
Team Rum Hut - Jeff, Marleigh and Tony
Team Rum Hut – Jeff, Marleigh and Tony (Thanks Kate Quigley for the pic!)

But what’s the most astonishing part of this event is the amount of money that was raised. We’ve heard that nearly $50,000 was raised through online donations (thank you to all of you who donated!!) and through the generosity of our businesses and the patrons who supported them while they donated their tips, held events, etc.

This got me thinking about all of the money that is raised by St. Johnians each year, and by all of you – the people who love St. John right alongside us. Just look at what we’ve all done so far this year…

In January, the St. John Cancer Fund raise more than $102,000 through its Light Up the Night Walk.

In February, the Animal Care Center raised more than $50,000 at its annual gala.

In May, the Animal Care Center raised another $20,000 during its Wagapalooza event.

In June, News of St. John raised $30,000 for the Island Health and Wellness Center.

That’s $252,000 that was raised so far this year! Not too bad for a tiny little island in the middle of the Caribbean.

And those numbers don’t include the monies raised for Gifft Hill School, the Virgin Islands National Park or a slew of other worthy organizations on our island.

St. John is the most generous community I have ever been apart of, and I am so proud to live there. I am also so humbled by the support we receive year after year from all of you. So a big thank you to you all.

Let’s keep this going for years to come.

-Jenn xoxo

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  1. Lot’s of good hearts on that island! And also those of us that visit every year, we donate to your worthy causes!!

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