The Disappearing & Reappearing Bench

The bench in May 2018
The bench in May 2018

Hello everyone and happy Tuesday! I have to admit, today’s story is what I like to call a “Seinfeld story.” It’s pretty much about nothing, but it’s something that makes me smile. Hopefully some of you will too. 🙂

For those of you who have stayed at Concordia or perhaps you’ve visited the area, you may be familiar with the bench that sits at the end of the road above the now-closed eco resort. From the bench, you could see amazing views of Salt Pond, Ram Head, St. Croix on a clear day, Norman Island and the BVI.

ram head september 2018
The view from the bench in September 2018

The bench sat is the same place for years, and then hurricane Irma swept through and tossed it down the hillside. I was happy to see, however, that someone replaced the bench with two chairs last October.

October 2017
October 2017

Now this bench isn’t light by any means, but that didn’t stop someone from carrying it up the hillside and putting it back in its place. It stayed there for months.

I visited the area on a News of St. John Tour about a month or so back and realized that the bench was gone yet again. I’m not sure why someone had removed it, but it made me sort of sad.

Well, I returned to the area yet again yesterday and guess what … a new bench is in its place!!

concordia bench oct 8 2018

So today I would simply like to say thank you to the person or persons who built this new bench and placed it near Concordia. It’s a special little spot for me, as it’s the place where the late, great Captain John Brandi first told me how he met his wife, the lovely Sue Brandi It’s also the spot where Buster, the famous one-eyed rooster took many of his famous sunrise photos. And Santa even made a cameo there back in 2016.

santa hat concordia

Sometime’s it’s the little things in life, folks. Have a wonderful day. 🙂

5 thoughts on “The Disappearing & Reappearing Bench”

  1. My husband and I watched the Lunar eclipse / blood moon from this spot back in Sept 2015….. and too many sun rises to count. A special place in my heart as well.

  2. It is a beautiful place. Hopefully the Eco-Concordia resort can be restored in some fashion. Has anyone heard what might be going on with the property?

  3. This is a wonderful story about the bench. It sounds like a lot of folks have memories of that bench. Isn’t it nice that someone chose to do something kind for others?

  4. Jenn, thanks for this, it adds to the story of the place that Stacy and I have come to love. We have been all over the Caribbean, and some places in Hawaii, but have never returned to anywhere except St. John. Several times in a row…

    We heard the story about Captain Brandi from Jimmy and Bridgett, but not much backstory.

    Thanks. We sometimes are lucky to have someone touch our lives like you had with Capt. Brandi and Island Sue.

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