“The Club” Opens at Norman Island

the club from water

So yesterday, over on our Facebook page, we mentioned how we stumbled on a great new bar during a day trip to the British Virgin Islands. Well today, we’d like to tell you all about it. It’s called The Club and it’s a pretty sweet new(ish) spot.

How many of you recall when Pirate’s Bight burned down a couple of years ago just as it was preparing to reopen for season? If you do, you probably also recall how quickly a temporary structure was set up to the left of Pirate’s (if looking at it from the water). That temporary structure served as Pirate’s for several months while the original Pirate’s was rebuilt – one of the quickest rebuilds ever in my opinion. Once Pirate’s reopened in its original spot, the temporary structure pretty much sat vacant … until now.

My good friend Lori Stevenson invited me out on a BVI day trip yesterday along with her daughter Lucy and Lucy’s two friends Leigh and Claire. The girls are 19, which means that they can legally drink here. Knowing that, Lori needed some backup which is why I was invited along. These girls are super smart kids and all go to some pretty impressive colleges, so I knew they’d be fine. But I still graciously accepted Lori’s offer to join and “help out”. 🙂

the girls leaving bvis
Claire, Leigh and Lucy after a “legal” day of bar hopping in the BVIs…

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But back to the new bar! So we hit a few snorkel stops and had lunch at the Willy T before deciding that the girls needed to try a Bushwacker over at Pirate’s Bight. When we pulled up to Norman Island, I was surprised to see a new restaurant operating out of the old temporary structure. I wandered over, and I have to say, it looks amazing!

As we mentioned, the place is called The Club and it opened about three weeks ago. It looks very similar to Pirate’s Bight, but it’s a bit fancier. They use real glasses instead of plastic cups, for example. They also have very nice and super comfortable lounge chairs, but they come at a price – a whopping $30 a person. They have an open air kitchen, a menu that’s very different from Pirate’s, and most importantly, an amazing view. Check out these pics we took yesterday:

entrance the club

exterior the club

inside the club

the bat the club

open kitchen at the club

the club menu the club drink menu

view from the club chairs at the club

So next time you’re in the area, go and check out the new spot over on Norman Island. It’s pretty sweet.

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