The buzz around St. John’s Caneel Bay

Honey There's a cottage industry building on the island and Caneel Bay is helping with the construction.

In March and April, the resort is incorporating St. John-produced honey into its offerings for guests.  The gift shop will be selling 1.5 fl oz jars of USVI Honey and new items on the restaurant menus will feature USVI Honey. The effort will even extend to the bar and the Spa. Cocktails featuring honey and rum as key ingredients and massage treatments will feature honey.

About two years ago, bee keeping classes were offered on St. John and local honey was available at a summertime Farmer's Market.

The Virgin Islands Department of Agriculture says it has trained more than 100 students on all three islands in the science, business, and art of beekeeping.  If you're interested, you can find more information about beekeeping here.

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