The bill’s in the mail

The first Virgin Islands property tax bills to be issued in years have arrived in territory and stateside mailboxes.  The new bill is for 2006. 

The Tax Assessor used the same valuations for St. John as in 1998, meaning it's a bargain given the incredibly high values set from a VI-wide reassessment several years ago. 

A federal district court blocked the Virgin Islands from issuing bills based on those values. The government has been without property tax revenue for years while the court case continues.

Property owners have until Oct. 15 to pay the new bill before accruing late fees.

A second tax bill, for 2007, is likely to be issued this fall, as the Territory plays catch up. It's possible bills for 2008 and 2009, will be issued next year.

The Coral Bay Community Council spoke for many property owners, perhaps some still in shock from seeing their property values calculated as rising 400 or 500% from the unimplemented reassessment. "This is EXCELLENT short term news for St. John taxpayers — and will also allow the government to collect up to four years of much needed revenue for the infrastructure and services we all desire."

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  1. Whether they will use ‘1998’is uncertain. So far, the legislature has only approved two years at that rate … 05 and 06 … i guess it depends on how badly the government feels they need to raise cash. Seems to me the govt. has little chance of implementing the re-assessment values, if only because of the Court and legal challenges. That would suggest their best chance to get some revenue would be to use 1998 for the next two years, too.

  2. I own “Coral” at Serendip Condominiums.
    I paid my “high” tax bill last summer. So stupid of me. Do all of you think that I would be correct in assuming that the tax dept. would deduct each newly billed tax bill from my credit? Please let me know your thoughts on this. Thanks, Connie

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