The Beach Bar Has Started to Rebuild!!

Beach Bar Street Sign Oct 29 2018

Well folks, this is a story that we’ve been yearning to share with you all for so very long! Work has finally begun on The Beach Bar’s rebuild! How exciting is that??!!

So let’s cut straight to the chase. Yes, it’s taken awhile for the rebuild to start, perhaps a bit too long in some people’s minds. But it’s really not anyone’s fault for that. As we have said in the past, the building sustained a ton of damage during Irma. It’s also a very old building, which means everything has to be brought up to code. Then there’s insurance claims, dealing with banks, coming up with new plans, etc. Unfortunately things take time. So let’s not dwell on the timeframe. Let’s just be happy it’s happening!

For those of you who’ve been viewing The Beach Bar’s webcam in hopes of seeing some progress, you probably saw a lot of movement Monday. That’s because step one is to remodel and redesign the kitchen area. This means that The Beach Bar can serve more of us more efficiently. Such great news.

Beach Bar Construction Oct 29 2018 Beach Bar Construction Oct 29 2018

So you will see lots of that happening in the upcoming days. You will likely even catch a glimpse of the new permanent roof being installed and a brand new bar being poured. All exciting stuff folks.

As far as a timeline, we are still hearing sometime in December barring any unforeseen delays.

Now I’m sure your next question is: When will the Rum Hut reopen? Well they, too, need to start work. And hopefully that will happen soon. And as far as their timeline is concerned, we’re hoping sometime around the holidays. We will let you all know more when we know more.

In the meantime, please feel free to check out the progress yourselves by logging onto The Beach Bar’s webcam at www.beachbarstjohn.com/bar-cam. You may even see me pop in from time to time! And if you want to see more than a dozen webcams scattered around the island, please check out our webcam page at www.newsofstjohn.com/2018webcams

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

16 thoughts on “The Beach Bar Has Started to Rebuild!!”

  1. Great news Jenn! I will pray to the rum gods for a high quality and quick job! It would be great to be able to belly up before we leave on Dec 9.

  2. I have never been to the Beach bar or Rum Hut. I probably will never even get to the USVI let alone St. John but it needs still makes me feel good to know things are looking up for everyone there.

    • Put it on the bucket list Mary and take baby steps to plan on how to execute. You will not be disappointed as I’m sure many here will agree.

    • Mary, take our word for it…….or don’t and go and see for yourself. Life is way too short, treat yourself
      You will not be disappointed. I’m sure Mike will agree

    • Drew, THANK YOU!!!!! I missed the speaker for it was covered by the awesome sun.( my daughter just said, “Hey mama, it’s just like in the car”, where a large sticker adorns my dash) I am always watching…now…….it’s a complete package.

  3. We’ll be on island December 8th for two weeks———if we’re lucky we might even be attending the GRAND RE-OPENING of our favorite hangout.
    This will be our 13th visit, and tradition is to toss our luggage on the bed, change into shorts, and head to the Beach Bar for our customary arrival celebration with an island libation , or 2 or 3.
    Thanks Jenn for the update—please keep them coming.

  4. Can’t wait to take a sip out of that ice cold bushwacher while sitting at the ledge looking out into Cruz Bay. Could spend an entire day just doing that!!
    We will be in the Islands mid February, lets get the fans of News of St John happy hour set up at the Beach Bar so we can all put names to faces!!!! Scary but fun.

    • Amen Mike! To add perfection to your sipping scenario, sitting there at sunset is very hard to beat! We are there from 11-29 to 12-9, but may need a February fix too. That would guarantee the Beach Bar/Joe’s Rum Hut experience as well as a beautiful day (or 3) on the Kekoa!

        • Larry I stopped by Hanson and checked out Kekoa about 10 days ago, looking great, I think she’s headed to Puerto Rico for some paint work soon and they told me she needs to be recertified or something like that. They seemed to indicate a return to service sometime in January, but they also acknowledged that there was a lot that could still disrupt that timeline. He basically told us to look for her in Cruz Bay when we return on Jan 18 fingers crossed.

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