The animals say ‘Thanks!’

A few weeks ago we sent the Animal Care Center some cat toys, and some dog toys, too.  Several readers commented they'd do the same thing.  And they did! 

A brief message from the ACC included the word 'inundated' to characterize the generosity of the people who sent bones, chewies, rawhides, and all manner of toys. 

Ya done good!

4 thoughts on “The animals say ‘Thanks!’”

  1. Every time I am there I bring bags of cat food and leave 50.00. I also go sit with the cats and try to see them all. I was just there for 3 weeks and I will be there again in the fall for 3 weeks. Carry on bags are the only way to go. I lived in my bathing suite and wrap and we ate most meals in our villa. My girlfriend and neighbor brought one bathing suit and a wrap a top and bottom to wear out and 1 pair of shorts. So what if you wear the same thing every day, who’s counting anyway.

  2. Mailed by priority mail some doggy playtoys instead of “peanuts” for cushioning my items. When I arrived all was waiting for me. A great way to help the critters and keep “pea nuts”out of the dumpsters.

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