Thankspigging in Coral Bay

 Ken_and_friends Skinny Legs is closed on Thanksgiving Day but not really.  Every year Ken gives thanks by offering Pigs, Potatoes and Beer!  This Thanksgiving Day was no different as the denizens of Coral Bay, and visiting snowbirds, celebrated their traditional way Thankspigging.

The "guest of honor."Ken_host

Bob Scheslinger a terrific photographer (and Rotary member) and his wife, Karin, joined the throngs at this year's celebration.  The photos are his.  The good times were everybody's.

BOB_9437a"At the opening of the buffet line, there was a huge crowd," Bob said. "Not to fear, the feast was enormous and no one went hungry."

There was a rumor that the Thankspigging tradition may not be eternal.  Folks attending the 9th event were asked to submit recipes for a cookbook to be made available at next year's feast which, the 10th, possibly, could be the last one.

Republic_coralbay The Republic of Coral Bay shows the pig roast T-shirt design from previous years.

Tropical Focus Photography is the collaboration of husband/wife team Bob and Karin Schlesinger. Their long-standing love affair with the islands and decades together as a working couple give them a synergy and island perspectives that others just dream of. Their style is uniquely St. John – relaxed and natural, with a touch of fun and quality results every time.

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