Texan likes restaurant lottery

Sherry Wash of Ft. Worth said it was a wonderful
coincidence.  She’s been looking for a way to open a cafe on St. John
then she read on the Internet about the proposed lottery/sale of the island’s best known Italian restaurant.
"To say that this would be a dream come true for a single 42 year old
mother with two sons is an understatement. Upon showing the site and
listening to the theme music at Cafe Roma’s website, my 15 & 19 year old sons as well as myself were covered with goose bumps!," she wrote in a letter to the St. John Source.
"I definitely will be an entrant in this contest and look forward to
the possibility of living a dream in paradise," Wash said.

3 thoughts on “Texan likes restaurant lottery”

  1. Hiedi, Heidi Ho, sorry couldnt resist that one. Try having a name like Wash for the rest of your life and then tell me if Heidi-Ho doesnt go. Enough poetry for the moment. I would suggest that you go to the contest site for the precise rules and regulations for this contest. It is open as far as I know to U.S Citizens that are not currently living in the Islands.
    That must really hack em off If you know what I mean, I was certainly wanting to get this thing going but with school supplies and clothing, it seems that my dream may be a far stretch at best. I have already placed my house on the market and expect a closing within the next 30-45 days. So win, lose or draw Im moving to the Islands. Ive even been praticing sounding like Bob Marley and saying mon instead of man, I guess that would be more appropriate for Jamaica but I dont dare mess with my legal rights the way things are going. But to make a long story short, how about you keep my e-mail addy. and possibly we could hang out and scare the crap out of some bad boy Marlin!! Good Luck with the contest. Im still trying for my deadline!

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