Tell Us a Little About You… A Quick Poll.

Tell Us a Little About You... A Quick Poll. 1
Trunk Bay

Hello everyone and happy Monday! So as you know, I give Island Tours. During these tours, my guests and I chat about everything St. John. If they’re first timers, I always tell them that they will come back. There’s just something about St. John that gets in your blood, and there is a need, a yearning to return. If they’re repeat guests, it’s always interesting to learn how they first found the island and why they choose to return year after year. So today, I’d like to ask you all a little about yourselves. Please take a few minutes to answer today’s polls.

Thank you all for taking the time to answer our today’s polls. I will post all of the responses later this week. In the meantime, have a wonderful day!


5 thoughts on “Tell Us a Little About You… A Quick Poll.”

  1. I have fallen in love. It’s the small island, the beaches, the people, the food. I have a very specialized occupation and several times I have seen potential jobs for me in St Thomas and St Croix. Maybe some day!

  2. I agree with Frank.
    No commercialism, no resorts, just pure island life. We love the locals old and new.
    The beautiful beaches, the winding mountain roads, keeping left, drinking rum, talking to strangers, floating on our backs in the salt sea, donkeys and goats. Oh and the starry sky at night. We even spotted a mongoose on our last trip a few weeks ago. Only the second time we saw one on the island. We fell in love on our first visit.

  3. came on a whim to Maho Bay Camps 1989 fell in love with St. John came back every year till it closed, then to Concordia ’till Irmaria Cruz Bay since, Coral Bay next. been coming for the beach to beach swim x 14

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