Taking better Virgin Islands sunset photos

We're into making lists for St. John this week.

Another photographer friend is Scott Bourne. His speciality is wildlife photography, often concentrating on birds.

Since so many people want to come back from their visits with pictures of sunsets, Scott's recent blog post about how to get great sunset pictures is worth a read.

This, by the way, is one of my photos of a sunrise, taken during a photowalk with Steve Simonsen.

Here are some of Scott's top tips:

  1. Use a tripod. "Eliminates the blur caused by camera movement."
  2. Find something for your foreground, to add depth to the scene. " A picture of the sun setting with nothing else … can be pretty boring."  Pretty, but boring.
  3. Be ready.  Best light is 30-45 minutes before sunset.
  4. Use the Spot meter setting on your camera.  "Meter a spot 25 degrees to the left or right of the sun."
  5. Using a telephoto lens, zoomed into the light, will make the foreground more prominent, and perhaps more dramatic.

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