Take a Beach Break at Hawksnest!

Take a Beach Break at Hawksnest!

Happy Weekend!  I’m headed out to the Bizarre Bazaar in Coral Bay in just a few minutes but yesterday I took a little drive out North Shore Road and made a little time for the beach.  And I wanted to share a moment of that time with all of you 🙂

Remember that north swell I mentioned earlier this week?  Well, I wasn’t joking!  If you have been to Hawksnest before, you know that waves like the ones in this video are slightly uncommon.  It doesn’t look TOO hazardous, but I can tell you that I saw some folks having some serious difficulty getting in and out of the water.

Take a Beach Break at Hawksnest! 1

When the surf looks like this, exercise extreme caution.  Rip tides and unassuming waves can wreak some serious havoc on your visit if you aren’t careful!  But I kind of enjoy sitting on the beach in these conditions and listening to the surf pounding against the sand.  Oh, but you don’t have to take my word for it!  Enjoy the wind and the waves and have a great weekend!

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  1. THANKS for the Hawksnest Beach Break! It was really nice for those of us not on island and to experience thru your time and effort to put the video together for us:)

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