Tage gets new chef

There’s no "under new management" banner hanging from the roof, but
everyone knows that Tage has undergone some changes.  The new chef is
Chris Frangiadis, who’s reportedly been sitting around waiting for the new restaurant at Mongoose to open (when, already???).  Chris’ style is "French in technique, global in scope," according to a report on USVI-Online.
There’s an all-new menu, and an all new staff because the folks who
were there a few weeks ago when the previous chef left couldn’t go a
couple of weeks without pay.  So they moved on, and new folks have
moved in.  One visitor says that "We have eaten at Tage twice since it
reopened, and I must say the food is really good."

1 thought on “Tage gets new chef”

  1. Hi-just returned from St. John yesterday. Our dinner at Tage was the single best meal we have ever had in 16 years of visits. While other restaurants seem to be pulling back in both quality and service( but not price-think Zozo’s and The Balcony) Tage was superior in quality, presentation and was fairly priced. Congratulations to Chef Chris and to Dan-you must have stayed up too late. You sound cranky.

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