Tage is toast

The high-end restaurant across from the Winston Wells ball field is closed. 

Some folks expected, yay hoped, that Tage was just taking a summer vacation.  But folks at Virgin-Islands-On-Line have read the layoff is permanent.  Details are here: http://www.virgin-islands-on-line.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=4840

The owner, Karrl Foster, who took the place over from chef Ted Robinson, wanted to have it both ways.  He kept the founder in the kitchen while, out front, Foster tried to add some sophistication.  It’s always bad news when an owner decides to stay out of the kitchen. Just ask Gordan Ramsay or Rocco DeSpirito.

Meanwhile, costs were rising, with the rising price of oil meaning utility bills took an even bigger bite … like $5,000 a month. That’s what happens when you air condition a dining room which has one side open to the street. 

Chef Robinson is now in to business for himself with KatiLady Catering

It’s uncertain what’s to become of the former Tage location.

Make no mistake, the cost of doing business on St. John is rising.  There are five restaurants for sale, and those are just the ones that are listed with real estate brokers.  Help is hard to find, of course (Hey, anyone know of an advertising sales person looking for work for a newspaper on St. John?  A friend needs some help.  E-mail me, [email protected].)

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  1. Oh no! This is such bad news. I love Tage and we go at least twice every time we’re on the island for vacation. How will I ever get by without that amazing warm spinach salad?

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