Park’s Red Hook dock closing for weeks

The Red Hook ferry to St. John could be pretty crowded for the next few months.  

That's because the dock used by the Westin Resort, Caneel Bay, and the National Park to bring its guests and workers to St. John will be out of service.

The Park Service's Red Hook dock, across the bay from the Port Authority's dock, is going to be repaired. According to the St. John Source, it will be three weeks until a temporary platform is available as a temporary replacement.

It's not known whether the Caneel and Westin and Park Service boats will shift their operations to the public dock – but that would make sense.  So, the odds of it happening are …?

The cost of replacing the dock and covering its supports in concrete … about $600,000 … will be covered from Trunk Bay admission fees and charges to boaters using the Park's overnight moorings, the Source reported. Completion of the work is hoped for by June.

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The week’s rain spoils St. John visits

You can almost hear the Tree Frogs singing and saying, "Enough already!"  Certainly some visitors who have been caught in the heavy rain this week would agree.

Spicecam1 While the St John Spicecam showed a pleasant Thursday morning in Cruz Bay, the WeatherUnderground.com radar offered no reason to think it was going to be an easy day.

Rader The Virgin Islands On-Line St. John forum also offered proof that while rain helps fill the cisterns, too much of that good thing can screw up a vacation.

Khud wrote "All 7 of us are gathered around the TV watching old shows, trying to figure out what to do in the rain today.  We've already shopped in Cruz Bay, twice, went out to eat a few times, and played poker during the rainy spells of the last few days. We're running out of ideas. The high surf and wave action left most north shore beaches non starters … Ah well, maybe a miracle will happen and the sun will peek out later on today.

004 No See  'Um's blog has some pictures here.

Even some folks at Caneel are going a little rammy.  

Tina wrote, "We're sitting here in our room at Caneel Bay Wednesday morning and it's been raining hard for 2 hours now. Another flash flood warning until 11:45 a.m. and we take that seriously.  Sunday morning I awoke at 2:30 a.m. to discover 3 inches of rain in our room, quickly rising. We had to pack up QUICKLY and be evacuated to a room upstairs.  Nothing like waking up the two year old and having to move him. He thought it was morning and was then up for 3 hours until falling back asleep. GO AWAY RAIN! "

The Governor has issued a statement about the weather, warning folks to be careful driving and to beware that the ground is saturated and roads may be difficult, that there may be debris on them, and that runoff may be weakening some of the roadways. .  Flash flooding is a threat as are hazardous surf conditions which are likely to produce 10- to 15-foot waves. Veterans Day parades have been canceled, too.