St. John Brewers Launches New Brew

Amber Ale
By Andrea Milam, Special Contributor to News of St. John

Island brewing company St. John Brewers launched its new Small Batch Series line last week with the release of bottled Amber Ale, to be sold for a limited time exclusively in the Virgin Islands.

The medium-bodied, well-balanced Amber recipe was perfected over time at St. John Brewers’ Mongoose Junction brewery, and has been served on draft at the Tap Room for several years. Subtle roasted malt notes, a mild hop profile, and a round finish make the Amber Ale drinkable even in the V.I.’s warm climate.

“It’s a darker beer with hints of roasted grain as well as just a little bit of chocolate,” said co-owner Kevin Chipman. “It’s very food friendly and extremely drinkable.”

“This Small Batch Series will give St. John Brewers a chance to showcase some of the other styles of beer that were created locally,” said Chirag Vyas, co-owner. “Patrons to our brewpub have enjoyed our small batch brews on draft and this is an opportunity for folks to try our island recipes on a larger scale.”

The new Amber Ale can be found alongside staple beers Island Summer Ale, Island Hoppin IPA, and Tropical Mango Pale Ale at grocery stores, bars, and restaurants throughout the Virgin Islands for a limited time. St. John Brewers’ Liquid Sunshine Belgian Ale, released in 2008, will now be placed into the Small Batch Series.

St. John Brewers was founded in 2004 by Kevin Chipman and Chirag Vyas, who met as students at the University of Vermont. The brewing duo initially gained notoriety with their Tropical Mango Pale Ale. Today, St. John Brewers operates its own brewpub, the Tap Room, an apparel shop, the Brewtique, and Chipman and Vyas brew small batches of several different kinds of beers that are served on draft at the Tap Room. For more information, visit www.stjohnbrewers.com.