Meet Paz.

Paz Art Sale

About a month ago, we introduced you to Daniel, an incredible painter who’s begun selling his work at the Coral Bay Caribbean Oasis. Today, we want to introduce to you an equally as talented painter, although his style varies greatly from Daniel’s.

Meet Paz.


I have to admit, Paz is quite the character as you can probably deduce from the photo above. He’s interesting, eclectic and certainly authentic. But above all, he is an incredible talent.

Paz is a graffiti artist who has been painting in one form or another all of his life. Prior to living on St. John, Paz worked as a bike messenger in Boston, but grew tired of the monotony of life about 14 years ago. He’s been living in the bush just beyond Coral Bay ever since.

Paz, who could almost always be found painting in a makeshift camp/studio behind Caribbean Oasis, described his art as being “post apocolyptic expressionism,” because according to Paz, “before the apocalypse, anything goes.”

Paz sells his art at the Oasis where he receives 100 percent of the proceeds. (Another great, kind move made by owner Karen Granitz.) In addition to selling his art, Paz also custom paints cars.

Check out a few more pieces of his work:

Pax Art 1

Paz Cornhole Sketch
Paz holds up a sketch of a new cornhole game he designed for Karen at the Oasis.
Cornhole Paz Finished
The finished product.



It was sometime last fall when I first heard Daniel Pinto’s name. I was eating dinner at Coral Bay Caribbean Oasis, chatting it up with owner Karen Granitz, when she first mentioned a man who she considered to be one of the island’s most talented painters. Daniel, she said, lived on a boat in Coral Bay but often kept to himself. However, from time to time, he stopped into the Oasis for a bite to eat and, at times, to paint. Karen motioned up toward a surfboard with a stunning beach image emblazoned across it that hangs just outside of her kitchen.

“He did that while I watched,” she said, “in no time at all.”

From then on, I knew Daniel was something special.

Sometimes words just simply are not adequate when describing someone’s talent. Please check out some of Daniel’s work for yourself:

Daniel Painting Surfboard

Daniel Painting Conch

daniel painting

Daniel Ziggy
A digital work featuring Ziggy, the island’s most famous pig

I had the privilege of meeting Daniel myself just a few weeks back and found two things particularly interesting about him. First, he creates these remarkable pieces of art from a small, unassuming, one-room studio tucked deep in the woods, 44 steps down from Centerline Road if I recall correctly. For days on end, he holes up in that tiny little space and creates these incredible paintings alongside his fiercely loyal little dog, all while munching on Ramen noodles. And second, he doesn’t actively try to sell his art.

Well I’m happy to say that beginning today, Daniel’s art will be sold at Caribbean Oasis in Coral Bay along with a handful of other artists. (We’ll have more on the other artists later this week.) And the best part is that 100 percent of the proceeds will go directly the artists themselves.

Available now are 11 x 14 inch prints of Daniel’s conch shell painting (pictured above while in progress). The prints sell for $40 each and are available at the Oasis only. The original is also for sale.

And coming soon will be 20 x 30 inch prints of an amazing painting Daniel created of Trunk Bay. Those prints will sell for $60. We’ll alert you when they are available.

So if you happen to be in Coral Bay, stop by Oasis and check out some of the great artwork on display there. And while you’re there, be sure to grab a bite to eat. Karen has some of the best food on island and at only $9 an entree, it’s one of the best deals on St. John.