Surly Cantina a cheery experience

One of  newest, and smallest, eateries is hitting a home run. 

Craig Sullivan and Suanne Schlessinger have opened Surly Cantina, described by the St. John Sun Times as “a no frills taco stand … (and is) making a killing.”  Offering three tacos and two beers for $10 and food that “is consistently excellent”, the Cantina at Wharfside is a great option for a quick-and-easy and, dare we say, healthy dining option.

“Everything is fresh and made to order,” the Sun Times reported.  The tacos, the newspaper added, are exactly what tacos should be, never mind some fine big-as-your-face burritos. 

Read the complete review here:  http://stjohnsuntimes.com/surly+cantina

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