Surf’s up, WAY up!

Picture-16If you're a surfer, chances are you'd call Tuesday a 'bitchin' day, because the surf is going to be UP. 

Waves as tall as 22-feet are expected offshore thanks to a huge swell out in the Atlantic and moving west.

For St. John, and the other Virgins, this means lots of crashing waves along the coastlines.  Erosion is probable and, in some spots, so too will be flooding.  So, day sails and swimming maybe should be postponed.

But it's going to be another Christmas Day for transplanted surfer dudes. You can bet they'll be out along the north shore.  But the island's Steve Simonsen isn't sticking around. He's heading to Tortola where he expects lots of surfers. And he'll have his fantastic photography skills ready.

He's already set up a Web page for shots at http://homepage.mac.com/ssimonsen/TortolaSurfingDecember292009/.  Check the page later Tuesday for what promises to be some amazing stuff.

The image on this page is from a series Steve did on Tortola in 2007. 

2 thoughts on “Surf’s up, WAY up!”

  1. Am I mistaken in this impression, but have St John’s north shore beaches gotten a lot smaller over the last few years? I’ve been a frequent visitor over the years, but it seems that, even when the water is calm, there’s nowhere to sit anymore at Maho and parts of Hawksnest and even Cinnamon. It’s pretty alarming to me, actually. I thought that the large winter swells were supposed to release sand trapped offshore in the reefs and deposit it on the beaches, but has this process been interrupted for some reason? And has there ever been any kind of beach-replenishment action taken? Is anyone studying this?

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