Sunset Sail Views

Sunset Sail Views

Good Morning!  I hope all of you are having a great week thus far and are looking forward to some type of fun in store for the weekend.  The sunset views on St. John have been absolutely on FIRE lately and I was on a sunset sail last night that featured a front row seat to an amazing ending to the day.  So, I thought I would share of those photos with you this morning.  Enjoy 🙂

We started left Cruz Bay at 4:30 and a perfect day was about to go to sleep.  The breeze was heavenly and the temperature right around 80…almost chilly for this island girl!  🙂

Sunset Sail Views 1

The Motor Yacht, Impromptu passed us as we sailed along St. John’s North Shore.   Impromptu is a 164 foot boat designed by Trinity Yachts that sleeps up to 12 guests.  It was built in 2011 and has some pretty cool features.  Such as a self playing baby grand piano and a full wine cellar!  Your can charter this yacht for as little as $250k/week.  Ha!

Sunset Sail Views 2

The sun started to leave us around 5:20.  My absolute favorite time of day is not the actual sunset, but the hour before.  The light casts a golden hue on everything it touches and the water turns a brilliant shade of cobalt.

Sunset Sail Views 3

The sun dramatically and slowly sank behind St. Thomas and the entire sky turned orange and purple.  Per usual, pictures don’t do it justice as you cannot capture the entire sky in one photo!

Sunset Sail Views 4

The horizon line reverted to pastels just before the entire sky turned into a painter’s palate, encapsulating every color of the rainbow.

Sunset Sail Views 5

Sunset Sail Views 6

Sunset Sail Views 7


I hope you enjoyed this mid-morning sunset break.  I’ll leave you with this video of the sun sinking behind the hillside with a little Bob Marley soundtrack <3

7 thoughts on “Sunset Sail Views”

  1. Wonderful sights! Thank you, Hillary, for reminding me that St John is still there waiting for us! Here winter storms round our house….

  2. Great pics and descriptions. My player was wrapping-up Redemption Song just as I started your vid. Universal vibe. Coral Bay soon come <90 sleeps. I am soooo ready!

  3. Thank you! We were on a sunset sail the beginning of December, it was magnificent with a bonus that of a pod of dolphins came up to us. In the 20+ years we’ve been visiting we have never seen that. Proof that there is always something special and new every visit.

  4. How I needed this right now! It’s been a busy week at work so the sounds of the lapping water, Marley tunes, plus that brilliant sky are perfect way to relax! Thank you for sharing! Trying to plan our next trip this weekend!

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