Sundown for Baked in the Sun

St_john_bakery_01 Soon there will be no cake for you, or scrumptious sandwiches, from one of the island's best bakeries. 

Located on the third floor of the Marketplace, the owner of Baked in the Sun confirms that "as of today we are closing Oct. 16th."

But says Kim Edwards, "Nothing is decided or final," and she even holds out the idea of reopening after "some time off with my family … spend(ing) some time sailing in the Caribbean."

News of the closing traveled quickly on the Trip Advisor forum.

WishIWasintheVI spoke for many, commenting, "It's a shame, as they have rave reviews  and I hate to see any business close…and leaves me at a loss for a cake for my daughters(and both my parents) birthday and my vow renewal unless I want to pay a fortune from Katilady or St. John Cakes, etc."  STTresident was more philosophical; "It's sad but so the islands turn. Businesses come and businesses go and only the very strong survive!"

Baked was listed for sale in April of 2007 with an asking price  of $450,000.  Edwards said one of the current employees "is considering buying the business."

5 thoughts on “Sundown for Baked in the Sun”

  1. It’s a favorite of ours when we are on the island – for early morning coffee and sweets! I would really hate to see it go!

  2. I, too, love Baked in the Sun, especially their sandwiches. I hope they don’t go for good.
    On a side note, St. John Cakes (Shay Mulcare) is worth every penny.

  3. What a shame… I love the place… the ownwer and the husband and children are all very nice, good people. The Deli Grotto is OK, but BITS is the place for fresh made bread and bagels- something Deli Grotto does frozen shiped from the mainland. DG is not a real bakery- BITS is the real deal… it would be really bad for the island to see this business go… there is just such a lack of decent food available on STJ- maybe the only option will be to bring a cooler if they close… hope they can figure a way to stay open… hope the MP owner can give them a break on the rent if that needs to happen…

  4. Oh no! Love their spinach croissant and coffee in the morning, sitting on a comfy couch enjoying the sunshine. I am not on island as much as I’d like to be, but now where will I go. Good luck, folks, and please consider reopening again sometime.

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