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  1. Jenn, my husband and I have followed you for some time now and this is my first comment. We have been blessed to have visited STJ 9 times, the last for two weeks in May of this year. We are heartbroken to see our beloved island now. Just 4 months to the day we were walking the streets of Cruz Bay and frequenting the many establishments that are now destroyed. Prayers are with you and with all the people of this tiny island and surrounding islands. We have made a donation to Kenny Chesney’s fund raiser “Love For Love City” and will help in any way we can in the future. We hope these desperate goings on will cease and desist as this serves no purpose to help anyone. We are with all of you in spirit and love, stay St. John strong.

  2. I’m sorry
    Please forgive me
    Thank you
    I love you

    I love you St John and all the living thing residing on you. Keep them all safe.

  3. So sorry to hear of degenerating security situation.
    Can I do anything to help share/spread the word?
    I’m assuming you have forwarded to FEMA, others?
    Stay safe.

  4. Jenn, Thank you for doing this blog. I’ve only been to St John once, earlier this year, and felt an immediate connection. Camped at Cinnamon Bay. To see the devastation wrought by Irma is heartbreaking. I’m sorry the element of evil has appeared in looting and for the added fear that causes. Learning that you’ve seen donkeys, pigs and chickens gives me hope! They are a delightful part of St John. I am hopeful that you all get the help you need soon. St Johnians are a special people. Good will triumph. God Bless You.

  5. I have shared a link to this blog with Ken Burns/PBS as well as Connecticut Congressman Joe Courtney. Please stay safe, and thanks for keeping us updated. Our prayers are with you all. We love St. John too and are heartbroken over the devastation and deteriorating conditions.

  6. Jenn and everyone else please stay safe! The best thing on St. John was the love for everyone and I pray that comes back. I’m due back in march and i know it will be far from back to normal but we need to get back to help and get money flowing.

  7. Just off the phone with Sen. Joe Manchin’s assistant. He is going to look into this. Agreed that West Virginia much like St. John, not always considered part of the USA. I suggested the WV National Guard could do worse than come down to help. Former military herself, she agreed and said she’d tell Joe just that.

  8. I had just read an article about a couple on St. Martin that were holed up in their bathroom because of the looting and robbing that is going on … they also weren’t getting any help. My grandson is on St. John … he was set to fly home this Friday … is there any way to leave the island? This is a scary situation. Stay safe.

  9. This just in:


    Good afternoon from West Virginia. I’m writing to take your concerns regarding the situation in the Virgin Islands so that I can ensure they get to the people who can help.

    Thank you,


    Mara Boggs
    State Director for Senator Manchin
    cell 202-679-5585

  10. Jenn, we are praying for your safety and the safety of everyone on our beloved island. I am wondering however, why your post about the break-ins, looting and lack of police protection has disappeared. Did you take it down?

  11. Jenn, Try to take comfort in knowing there’s a Lotta folks doing everything we can on this end to get help down there.. stay safe & remember safety in #’s ! I just Tweeted the Prez. with a link to this blog. WTH.. worth a shot ,He does love the Tweets and am going to spread the tweet fest with as many that will !

    • help is coming,, and it’s coming ..Biggly.. the right buttons needed to be pushed is all..Stay safe!! and in numbers..till the troops come in..

  12. Jenn,
    I am so sorry you are frightened. Many of us were worried about this outcome. Thank you for breaking the island “code of silence”! Comments are being “turned off” on many pages when people try to get real information out. Please do what you need to do to stay safe! We know you love the island, as we all do, but you need to protect the one truly valuable thing on that island – you and those you love! You cannot be replaced and I fear that true order and safety is not coming anytime soon. You may need to consider leaving – it’s heartbreaking and we have friends reluctantly facing the devastating reality with you. Caribbean Buzz Helicopters has done at least one private airlift off St John from hospital to St Croix. (You will need a health certificate for Charlie if you intend to fly out through Puerto Rico.) Stay safe, keep us posted!

  13. I am so appreciative for what I have just read. Your messages are uplifting. My daughter, Heather Ward, of Drinks Bar in Cruz Bay and her fiancé are safe from the storm, but I now worry about her safety as things unravel and desperation takes over. They lost their home and livelihood in one afternoon. I am heart-sick viewing the pictures of devastation, having just left the island only at the end of July after a beautiful visit. I live in San Diego, California where all the news and weather channel can talk about is Florida. You are a breathe of air to feel like we can get some news. I have been so worried and scared and feelings of helplessness are constant. Let us know how we can help from a distance. All family members are ready and willing, whatever is needed.

  14. Our beloved St. John is full of good people. You NEED supplies and workers but also need the National Guard or other organized security & safety personnel. St. Johnians have for years lived peacefully as the ‘impoverished’ served and observed the more ‘comfortable’ tourists (some of us just passionate about St. John & its refusal to go “neon” .. NOT only the “1 percent”). However, now in crisis, some will resort to looting, etc. Frustrations about inequities over many years are understandably boiling over now.
    Law enforcement and curfews must be present along with supplies and our prayers.
    Spreading the word and waiting to know of a secure St. John donation site. Can celebs like Kenny Chesney help spread the word? Susan

  15. Does anyone know of a specific relief organization or group that is focusing on the USVI? If so I would be pleased to make a donation. I know it is not much to say and that $$ cannot instantly bring relief but from several thoisand miles away it is what I and many other can offer. I love the USVI and this is a travesty that they are being ignored by their own government. OUR government! I am ashamed.

  16. Just saw this post from Jenn in September. I know how she felt– I was there. While i can understand how a traumatic event like Irma could create many levels of fear, I want to say that Love City lived up to its name in the aftermath of Irmaria. Sure, there were a couple of idiots who broke into places; but it only takes a very few actions to create a rumor mill that sweeps everyone along with it. The lawless actions of the very few need to be put in perspective. We came together as a community in ways we had never imagined, got so much help along the way from the Feds and the private sector, that it leaves me humbled to see so many people giving like they did.

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