Sunday Update on Mongoose Junction

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We just received this comment from Michael Barry, owner of Sun Dog Cafe and Virgin Fire at Mongoose Junction. We’d like to share it with all of you:

“So great to be a part of this community— thanks for all of the love sent our way. Quick status report: Ocean Grill is very close to reopening tonight, Fabric Mill and the Brewtique are looking good, and we’re picking up the pieces. Tap Room will likely do an amazing reinvention, soon come, just to get by while Glen does what Glen does so well: create beauty, which does take time. It’s less clear about the Northshore Deli– there is concern about water damage there. The rest of Mongoose Junction is open, including Sun Dog Cafe and Virgin Fire,and all the shops on the other side of the ghut were untouched, TG.

All in all, the largest burden is on Glen and Radha, Kevn, Cheech and their staff and we’re hoping the Deli isn’t going to need a serious remodel. Keep them in your thoughts and let’s support them as they find the way forward.”

We received this comment from Beverly Lockett, who works at Caravan Gallery:

“We hope to have electricity restored to Mongoose I on Sunday the 25th. Some stores will reopen then and others on Monday. Much depends on the store location in relation to the Tap Room and the Beauty Lounge. Mongoose Junction has two separate owners and 2 different electrical systems so Mongoose II has been able to remain open.

Glen Speer, who built Mongoose Junction, and personally fought the fire, spoke of his plans for rebuilding the same day the fire occurred. Mongoose Junction is such a special place …with the beautiful stone work and landscaping and the spirit of St. John. Yes, Alan, some of the plants and trees need to be trimmed of their damage. All the cats are safe.

We are so grateful for all the support, from on island and afar.”

6 thoughts on “Sunday Update on Mongoose Junction”

  1. Thanks for the update and all around informative coverage! We hope all are up and running soon. Very thoughtful to include the status of kitties, we liked SunDog before but owner just secured our return visits.

  2. Glad to get the up-to-date info. MOST happy to hear that the feline inhabitants are o.k.!!!! Always have to stop and give head-rubs when I’m there.

  3. How did fire start?
    Also pleased all businesses will be up and running soon.Mongoose is a special place to residents and tourists.We are all rooting for great revival.

  4. What a loss to St John. From the blog it sounds like the loss was minimal, although substantial to those businesses actually caught in the fire, water, and smoke damage. The community fabric is certainly pulling together as is the sign of a close net family. Thank you for the continued updates. Please keep them coming until all is well.

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