Sun Times to go monthly

The island’s “Always Positive” newspaper is making big plans for the new year.  Publisher Ella Anderson said the bi-weekly St. John Sun Times will upgrade its appearance and reduce its frequency in 2009.  “We are switching to monthly distribution and we will be published in full color,” she said. “The editorial content isn’t changing- there will just be more in-depth articles, (and) more considered-design.”

The switch makes sense for Anderson and her nearly 18-month adventure running the paper.  She’s always had a focus on community building and reporting on the softer/human side of the island and the locals.  Having to work to a news-like deadline schedule, combined with the vagaries of weather, offshore printers, and delivery could have distracted she and her staff.  Meeting those challenges may well have gotten in the way of being creative.  As the owner of Shipwreck Landing said when he heard about the new plans, "Change is good."

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