Summertime Sunsets

Summertime Sunsets

Good Morning and a happy Monday to you all!  We experienced an ABSOLUTELY spectacular sunset last night.  Which isn’t out of the ordinary for this time of year.  As the rainy season kicks into full gear, afternoon showers that clear up just before the golden hour can lend themselves to “clearing the air,” if you will.  And yesterday afternoon’s brief shower resulted in a stunning sunset show!

I knew as soon as the sun started to tuck behind the clouds that we were in for a great showing, presented by Mother Nature…

Summertime Sunsets 1

And as the sun went down, the colors started to work their magic!

Summertime Sunsets 2

But we had no idea the absolutely incredible light show that was still ahead of us!

Summertime Sunsets 3
From the parking lot as we bid adieu in search of Sunday dinner!

We hadn’t eaten dinner yet so we, unfortunately, left the Windmill before the sky’s hues turned drastic shades of orange and purple….

Summertime Sunsets 4

But I woke up this morning to my Facebook feed lit up with every color of the rainbow!  So I borrowed a few pics from friends to give you the full perspective….

Summertime Sunsets 5
From the beach in Cruz Bay…Photo credit: Jalil Jahantab

The Steve Simonsen Sunset Stream was live from Frank Bay last night….You can watch the sunset live almost every night on The Steve Simonsen Photography Facebook page!

Summertime Sunsets 6
Photo Credit: Steve Simonsen

Meanwhile, his wife, Janet, was perched high above Cruz Bay, snapping photos…

Summertime Sunsets 7
Photo credit: Steve Simonsen Photography/Janet Simonsen

So, the moral of the story is this.  The next time you are on island and get chased off the beach due to afternoon showers, get yourself high on a hilltop, to a beach or onto a sunset sail.  If the rain clears up, you will be in for one incredible show!!!


5 thoughts on “Summertime Sunsets”

  1. I was there June 3rd for a remarkable sunset from Little Maho with Steve on his boat! It was incredible!!!

  2. It was indeed amazing yesterday. I would like to point out that the 2022 calendar is titled Skies Over St. John, and I have painted the view from the windmill, as well as 12 more from various parts of the island. We are just going to press with the calendar!

  3. Can confirm. We are currently vacationing in St John based on a lot of info I have read here. Wish I could post my sunset photo here, taken from the 2nd floor of Grand Bay condo. It was spectacular!

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