Summertime, and the closing is easy

Closed Summertime, and the livin’s supposed to be easier in the US Virgin Islands.  It also means a slowdown in the pace of St. John and restaurant closings. 

The hazy lazy months are when a number of businesses try to give their employees, and their owners, a respite from living on a rock in the middle of the ocean.  So, some head for the mainland for refreshment, relaxation and, truth be told, to be out of harm's way during hurricane season.

St. John Ruth has become the unofficial chronicler of the summertime closings and she’s begun posting what she knows about the summer at http://stjohnspice.com/stjohnrestaurants.htm.  Several eateries, including the Fish Trap, Lime Inn and Skinny Legs are closing for a month or two.  Looks like it’ll be quiet in September, for sure.  (The last big storm that hit St. John came ashore Sept. 15th, 1995.)

If you’re planning a St. John visit this summer, check Ruth’s page before you arrive – and, of course, visit her Cruz Bay store, St. John Spice

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  1. Thanks, Frank and Ruth, for this info. We don’t visit “the rock” until December, so the summer closings won’t affect us.
    But we’re wondering . . . are these closings typical, or are they a reflection of the current economic climate?

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