Stuff is Happening at Caneel!

Caneel Entrance March 4 2019
The entrance to Caneel Bay, March 4, 2019

1. You know I have something good to share if I am posting a story at 3 p.m. EST on a Monday.

2. This story is one of my famous “Seinfeld stories.” It’s about something and nothing all at the same time. Enjoy. 🙂

Something is happening at Caneel!

We drove past Caneel this morning during one of our News of St. John island tours and we noticed that several of the trees by the front entrance were marked with pink and yellow tape. This led me to believe that the operators of Caneel Bay were finally going to do something about the dead trees that have made the entrance look like Jurassic Park for the past year-and-a-half. We chatted about it for a minute, and then I continued on with the tour.

Trees at Caneel have been marked for cutting.
Trees at Caneel have been marked for cutting.

Fast forward to about an hour later. I received several pics from a friend who happened to be on Caneel property (legally, I’d like to point out). The pictures showed several workers on site who appeared to be removing debris from the property. How exciting is that??! The pictures aren’t great as it was raining at the time they were taken this morning. But we’re simply happy to have received them. Check them out:

This is the area next to Zozo's.
This is the area next to Zozo’s.
The main road and guest parking lot
The main road and guest parking lot

According to our super sleuth source (and I am saying that super sarcastically, but with a smile), the work is being done by a local contractor who is being paid by the operators of Caneel Bay. Perhaps they are simply cleaning up the property. Perhaps, they are going to work to reopen the resorts. Who knows. All I do know is that stuff is happening, and that’s always a good thing. 🙂

So Caneel, I know I have given you a lot of flak for doing nothing since the storms. Today, I would publicly like to say kudos for finally taking steps to start cleaning up the property.

I will keep an eye out on what’s happening at Caneel, and I can assure you all that as soon as I know more, you will all know more.

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Stuff is Happening at Caneel! 1

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Stuff is Happening at Caneel! 2

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10 thoughts on “Stuff is Happening at Caneel!”

  1. Was just on island, very sad to leave and come home to 14″ of snow. But what was even sadder is that during our visit Wharfside is at a stand still, no more progress has been made since our visit in 2018. It’s an eyesore to all those coming to the island not to mention the lose of jobs, retail and restaurants. When we spoke with the owner during our 2018 March visit, he had all these grandiose ideas of rebuilding and all that’s come of it is a temporary stage on the beach. Major disappointment.

    • Deanna, it is very slow going at the Wharfside, because they have to build according the new building codes and the building was heavily damaged. Not all the damage was shown on outside of the building.

  2. I am beyond happy!!!! I hope the progress continues and I hope to be back as soon as possible! I also sincerely hope that when it does re-open (trying to think positively) that I will see the familiar faces of the many friends I have made over the past 20 years of going to Caneel that live on St. Thomas and St. John and worked at Caneel. Those folks helped make Caneel as special as it was!! Thank you for the exciting update.

  3. I’ve heard that there is a contract for debris removal at both Caneel and Cinnamon, and that they are going to do Caneel first.

  4. Thank you so much for telling us about Nigel Field’s ( the new National Park Supt. )
    speaking engagement at the the Rotary meeting yesterday in Cruz Bay. We went and it was great! So informative and so exciting to hear that there are plans in place to fix up Cinnamon Bay ~where we camped for 34 years in a row! Mr. Field was articulate, enthusiastic and anxious to move ahead on this project.
    Thanks again!

  5. Yay! What wonderful news to wake up to today! Just a clean up at Caneel will really help the hearts of those who loved it so much…especially those who live on island and have to have that constant reminder of what they had to endure. Just getting these highly visible landmarks cleaned up will encourage those visitors who are still leary about returning to the island, and that helps everyone. This is really good news!

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