VI storm dissipates, more serious stuff coming

Td2_fri_5am Tropical Depression 2, which looks to pass north of St. John early next week, is no big deal.  But, the islands are no on alert watching two more potential problems moving west off the coast of Africa.  You can track them here.

As of Friday morning, the National Hurricane Center issued what it said will be its last public advisory about what it said has “decayed into a remnant low pressure area.”  Winds are measured at about 30 miles an hour.

Weather forecasts for next week don’t look alarming.  AccuWeather expects rainfall to total 1.25 inches on Monday and Tuesday, with temperatures in the 90s.  All that humidity in the air will push the ‘Real Feel’ to 100 degrees, not  too pleasant.  But better than hurricane conditions, right?

Aaa Meanwhile, there are two more storms coming across the Atlantic which are showing potential to become cyclones or something more serious.  One of is estimated to have a 30%-50% chance of growing into something larger, while the other has a greater than 50% chance.

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