Stone Terrace, Fish Trap have closed

With the winter tourist season ending, the Stone Terrace and Fish Trap restaurants have closed. While the Trap will reopen in June with a new owner and new menu, the Terrace space will be empty unless the business is sold

News of plans for the Stone Terrace to halt operations sent AppState3 into a panic,.  She explained on the Virgin Islands-On-Line forum. “My fiance and I were supposed to have our dinner reception at Stone Terrace after our wedding on May 4th, but we were just informed that they are closing,” she wrote.  “We need to find an upscale restaurant that can host 15 people for Dinner in Cruz Bay on a Sunday nigh.”

What’s the girl supposed to do now?  Here’s a roundup of suggestions offered to solve the problem.

St. John Ruth: “You could also try The Balcony. 340-774-8470. Ask for Nathan.”

St. John Julie: “My two best recommendations are La Tapa and Waterfront Bistro. Waterfront Bistro is right on the beach, so that makes it a lovely setting. La Tapa is in Cruz Bay, next to Woody’s, and they have been a long time favorite of mine.” She added, “I’m not sure why Stone Terrace is closing, but I can tell you that a lot of businesses here are struggling this year. Season has been very off…. there are still plenty of people visiting, they just aren’t spending much money.”

Jigzmlom: “Another place to try is Ocean Grill in Mongoose Junction.

Pia: “Personally I would choose Waterfront Bistro as the setting is (imho) much nicer for a wedding reception – right on beach 🙂 La Tapa’s food is excellent (as is Waterfront Bistro’s) but some of the tables are in the street right next to Woody’s which is THE party bar on STJ and it can get a little rowdy (in a fun way).”

JoJoBigCanoe: “LaTapa is one of the best restaurants on the island….we hosted my son’s rehearsal dinner there last summer. Alex (the owner) went out of her way to prepare a special menu for the event and all was delish!”

And the ‘winner’: APPState3 reported, “In the end, we have decided to go with La Tapa. As stated, Alex has been great to work with! We can’t wait to eat there!"

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  1. For the Bride, call Chloe and Bernards at the Westin, ask Chef Omar Sanchez to prepare your wedding dinner and have it served on the beach by the Gazebo at sunset!

  2. Wow! I forgot about Omar – he is the most incredible chef working on the island. I would go with a rental home (ask Frank) and a personal chef. I married on the island and my wedding was fantastic. People still talk about it to this day and I was married 9 years ago. You also have several beautiful islands at your fingertips. Take advantage of the wonderful place that you are staying. Remembering all your guests will mean so much more than having a huge wedding with people that you have never met. This is your day. Congratulations!

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