St. Johnopoly: Sneak Peek

We’ve been trying to keep this under wraps as best we could, but I can no longer contain myself. We received proofs in the mail yesterday for St. Johnopoly and it looks amazing!!! Here’s a sneak peek…

St. Johnopoly: Sneak Peek 1

Go Space

playing pieces



chance card


What do you all think??? Love it?

18 thoughts on “St. Johnopoly: Sneak Peek”

    • I love it !
      Think it looks great and would love to be able to pre order one is anyone taking orders for them for the first shippment for when they do come out. I know that these type of things take a while to get finished and actually produced but it would be nice to know that it is ordered and that one would be shipped as soon as they are available.
      PLease let us all know I know I am not the only one that wants one

  1. Looking forward to getting a board game! Long winters in Boston and with this a few friends who also share my passion for STJ and drinks…Can’t go wrong!

  2. Anything you and Tom come up with is bound to be good. Will be buying several for Christmas gifts. Can’t wait to see it. How much for the Friends of the Park Store?

    • It will be available late in the month (if all goes as planned) and will be sold at a variety of places including St. John Brewers’ Brewtique, The Beach Bar, Woody’s and X on St. John.

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