Stimulus money lights up Cruz Bay

Cities across the nation have been tapping federal stimulus funds to swap out old-style streetlights with more efficient LEDs.  And the Virgin Islands is not missing out.

The  Water and Power Authority has replaced about 90 lights in Cruz Bay with the new LED models. However about 450 of the island's other streetlights will not be replaced. Each new light costs about $750 and comes with a five year warranty.

The project, by the V.I. Energy Office and implemented by WAPA, will encompass the replacement of a total of almost 1,000 streetlights on all three islands by the end of this year.  The street lights being replaced consume 200 watts and the new ones will use only 103 watts resulting in about a 50 percent reduction in energy use.  The Energy Office was able to fund the project using funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

5 thoughts on “Stimulus money lights up Cruz Bay”

  1. Patrick,
    2.38 years at 38 cents/KWHr operating at 10 hrs per day. Add in the cost of a 200 watt HPS bulb, about $30, and the labor to swap it out every 3 years with a diesel bucket truck and a 2 man crew and you’ll get about a 2 year payback. the LED’s are warranteed for 5 years but labor is not included.
    There is no warranty on the HPS bulbs.
    The Cooper lights are they bought are 25% less efficent than other options for the same money and next generation is being released as I type. The software package was a smart purchase.

  2. To continue, the ROI on electricity only will be under 4 years, the old streetlight draws 230 watts with the ballast and the LED 103 but diesel is up and WAPA rates will follow so the ROI will drop. The LED uses 1 KWHr a night, the HPS 2.3 KWHr/night.

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