Starfish Market is Expanding


I stopped into Starfish Market yesterday and the place is really starting to look good! As you may have heard, Starfish is expanded into the space that was previously occupied by Holiday Homes. And, in addition, Starfish’s beer and liquor store which was located just across the hall, has been incorporated inside of the main store. So now you can get your groceries, beer, wine, etc. all in one place when opting to shop at Starfish.

Another new thing happening over at the main store is free samples … yum! On Wednesday, they had wines, cheeses, olive oil and balsamic vinager out for sampling. The dessert section has expanded and there’s a new, much larger magazine section now too. And the magazines were pretty current too! Check out a few pics…

old holiday homes
The former Holiday Homes space – Holiday Homes is now located on the second floor of The Marketplace.

old wine place

new cheese area

oil vinegar sample station

wine cheese sample area

wine section

beer section


Looks pretty great, right?

That’s all we have for you today folks! News you can use! Have a great one!

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  1. Is anything taking the place of Baked in the Sun. Sure was sorry to hear that they were closing. Maybe this is something that Starfish can add to their store.

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