St. John martini bar for sale

Open less than a year; Infusions Lounge has been listed for sale with an asking price of $175,000.  Serving "Not your average martini," Infusions has become a popular spot for limin’, wine tastings, and listening to live music, including Sinatra-sound-alike Marty Beech. (Click the photos for larger images.)

The casual bar is located in what’s known as the old Oscar’s building, so named because Oscar’s convenience store used to be on the first floor.  Then a fire swept through the building a few years ago.  The structure’s been rebuilt and … not … it’s for sale, too!  Infusions is renting one floor, there’s a long term lease on the second floor, and the third floor is, as the Multiple Listing Service description says, "still flexible for office, retail or residential use."  Asking price, $2.55 million.

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  1. If you can sell $9.00 martini’s you will need to sell 19,444 martini’s. If you can sell 200 per day, you will recoup initial investment in 8 years. I haven’t added in the cost of booze, rent or even help.

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