Music in the park

Koko and the Sunshine Band played old-time calypso "scratch" music in Great Cruz Bay Park at Wednesday as part of the week’sKokoband_3 St. John Arts Festival, featuring musical and arts events on island to celebrate the historic African culture of St. John. Right click with your mouse to download a minuite of the music.

Tuesday, Inner Visions amped up their reggae tunes, creating a thunderous sound in the local plaza, making it difficult to have a conversation with anyone anywhere around the ferry dock.

Later today, Elaine Estern is opening her Coconut Coast Studios at Frank Bay to a "Meet the Artist" event.  Meanwhile, at the Annaberg ruins, boat makers from the British Virgin Islands are telling stories and teaching old techniques.

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  1. why must there be negative comments posted about our local band inner visions. I am sick of the negatve comments. If it was a little hip band from coral bay, would the comments be so negatve.

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