Podcast: “A magical island”

Even folks who live in the territory agree St. John is special.
Anthony Finta, whose Caribbean Online Web site and forum is a great
source of information for visitors, can’t explain it.  Reading messages
on his own boards, Finta said, "They just feel it’s a magical place.
People love to go there and when they are not there, they love to hear
about other people going and hearing what’s going on."

In an
interview, Finta said many of the questions on his St. John forum are about the
same subjects.  Where are the best beaches, where’s the best
snorkeling, how much does it cost to get from the airport to Red Hook,
and so on.  From his vantage point, Finta hears several restaurants
getting good reviews this year, including Sweet Plantains and La Tapa

A conversation with Anthony Finta of Caribbean-On-Line.com. Listen by clicking the "play" button below.

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4 thoughts on “Podcast: “A magical island””

  1. Frank,
    When does the game start? I come from a Penn State family and my brother is traveling tomorrow and needs me to video tape it.

  2. Great job with the podcast. It is a fun feature that makes me feel connected to the island I love. Yes, I am one of those freaks that posts on Anthony’s board.
    My wife and I will be back on island again in April for two weeks, and then again in july with the kids. Can’t wait. In the meantime, your site helps chase away the cold winter jumbies here in Wisconsin.

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