St. John’s world champion bartender

La Plancha del Mar's
bartender, Kevin Baker, is the best in the world.

Four years ago, in New Zealand, the boy from Boise plied his trade behind the bar so well that he won the World Bartender Competition.

Now he’s part of the super-friendly team of La Plancha del Mar, located at Mongoose Junction. Now, bartending on a Caribbean island doesn’t sound tough, does it? And, sure, you could skate through it, but Baker is an “artiste”, according to Carrie Dow. In an article for DrinkingMadeEasy.com, she calls Baker the islands’ “Cocktail Concoctor”.

He gins up drinks using local ingredients from seafood and vegetables, making his own bitters, vermouth and syrups.

“To him a cocktail is a 5-sensory experience with color combinations for the eyes, varying aromas for the nose, different textures for the tongue and, most importantly, exquisite tastes that people won’t experience anywhere else,” Dow wrote.

Among his works of art are a Cucumber French 75 (Champagne, gin, lemon juice and sugar) and a lemongrass Moscow Mule (home-made ginger/lime soda).

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  1. Best Bartender on STJ!! We started going to Happy Fish because of Kevin and have followed him to LaPlancha. Kevin makes amazing cocktails.

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