St. John’s Stelzer to Haiti

Bill Stelzer of St John is in Haiti. He is doing good works and trying to help people survive the disastrous earthquake. 

St. John Spice's co-owner Ruth Ernst reported in a post on Virgin Islands-On-Line, "(He) is (there) with the Mercy & Sharing Foundation, a group he has worked with for several years." This group pays their own operating expenses, so 100% of cash donations go to their programs in Haiti.

Stelzer made a name for himself in TV News in Texas before moving to St. John.  Since then he has made documentary films, volunteered and taught graphics and video in the St. John schools, and done graphic and layout work with the St. John Sun Times.

Odds are that Stelzer took a few cameras with him and you shouldn't be surprised if he comes back with some stark, moving, and important images.

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