St. John’s other brewmeister

While the St. John Brewers beer boys at  Mongoose Junction get a lot of attention, they are not alone.

For some time now there has been a second beer maker on the island.

Known to the Inquiring Iguana as Jeff, he’s been making his home brew beer for as long as five years. It’s first quaffing is known to have occurred around Thanksgiving, 2007  and was the inspiration for the Thankspigging t-shirt design showing pigs drinking tap. The name of the operation is Drunk Bay Brewery, inspired by its location in Coral Bay and, the nearby Drunk Bay hiking trail.

Drunk Bay Brewery beer is the best home grew you'll ever drink,” said the cigar guy in a posting on TripAdvisor.

“The only locally brewed beer on St. John. Made by my friend Jeff, who lives up the hill walking distance from the Tourist Trap.” Ask for it by name at the TrapDrunk Bay Brown Ale

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  1. Tourist trap recommended Drunk Bay beer about 5-6 years ago? A great beer! So far only find it at the Tourist Trap. rate it = 5 beers and a shot of rum !

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