St. John’s newest fun attraction

Peter Hoschl has built and launched a 40-foot houseboat built on pontoons.  The "boat bar" is available for charters and partying.


The blue and yellow Angel's Rest can be seen merrily cruising around Coral Bay or anchored off Vie's beach. One and all are invited to swim out for a cockail or a beer.  

Also, for $180/person, you can get an open bar and Peter and the boat for a full day of exploring the south shore.

"Theres a rooftop deck, a bar, beds to lounge on and a glass topped table to wath the fish," said one satisified customer.  "There is nothing like it on St. John."

The Inquiring Iguana first learned of the boat when the guys at St. John Brewers began running a TV commercial on Channel 2, St. Thomas.  The ad was produced aboard Angel's Rest.

8 thoughts on “St. John’s newest fun attraction”

  1. Thanks Frank- Angels Rest is now like a mini “Willie T” . He serves cocktails and St John Brewery Beer . He will also do dingy pick ups. Swim over from Vie’s beach where he is on the weekends and weekdays- weather permitting.

  2. not really new, been around for at least 2 years I think!! It amazes me that folks from Cruz Bay never make it to Coral Bay and it’s only a 15-20 minute drive(and a beautiful one at that!!) I drive that just to the grocery.

  3. I’m headed there in a few weeks to look at some of the real estate, and I could use a fun attraction 🙂 Maybe I’ll take my roommates and make a weekend of it. How early in advance do you need to schedule this houseboat? When is the best time to go out on it? http://www.burkerealty.ca

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