St. John’s Happy New Year!!!!

Once again, the Westin Resort was the bright spot, literally, for New Year's Eve.  The annual fireworks display was watched by hundreds of people on the beach, and by hundreds more in villas, like Blue Tang, overlooking Great Cruz Bay.

Bob Schlesinger of Tropical Focus was at the Bay-overlook home of Joan Bermingham, a long-time resident of St. John.

"Used two cameras on tripods with a 5 second exposure for the close-up and a 3 sec exposure for the broader expanse," he explained. "Both cameras were set to take time lapse images, referred to as an intervalameter, so Karin and I could drink champagne!"

Westin guests had the opportunity for a New Year's feast befopre the big show.  At $95 a person, a seven-course dinner featured Veal Loin and Broiled Maine Lobster.

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