St. John’s cloudy farewell to 2009

View A quick look at the St. John Brewer's web cam isn't encouraging.

Looks like skies will stay cloudy on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.  The chance of rain today is better than even money. 

So, if you were to head to a beach this weekend, chances are it wouldn't be so beautiful.

But thanks to Chase and Maria, a couple who toured the island with their video camera, you can sit here and visit three beaches, Coral Bay and Miss Lucy's.  Their user name at YouTube is Marchasia.  It appears they uploaded these videos just a day or two ago – well before the rains and the heavy surf began.

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  1. Great info. We wish to visit the V. Islands and would like to to use a cruise to do so. It appears the big cruise lines have other ports they prefer. Any ideas you may have would be helpful.
    Bill Rose

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