Win lunch at the new sushi restaurant

“CHANGE YOUR NAME….IT’S OFFENSIVE” shouted Susan de Bonis, a New Yorker when she read about plans for a suyshi restaurant to open next month at the Marketplace. The owner’s choice of the name for their new venture, Zero Sushi, rankled her. And she was not alone.

Other folks also raised objections after reading our story yesterday.  But some people said it didn’t bother them at all.

Jerry Shiplett just thought the name was inappropriate. “This is kinda like opening a Soul Food eatery with a confederate flag waving as a sign.”

Ann, identifying herself as a daughter opf a WW 2 veteran, was less irked. With a son also in the service, she spoke from experience saying, “The ones that serve usually could care less about this sort of stuff.”

“Love Sushi, but the names has to go, or I don’t go,” warned CTOP, also a New Yorker.

So, if you don’t like the name Zero Sushi, got a better one? The Inquiring Iguana will buy lunch if your suggestion is adopted by the La Plancha del Mar guys, owners of the new sushi place.

6 thoughts on “Win lunch at the new sushi restaurant”

  1. I submitted a name but how would you know who submitted it? BTW my sugesstion was Prout – obviously it is not Japanese but thought it was the perfect name.

  2. Thanks, Suzy.
    I’m new to this poll software so yes, it does hide the responses. I’ll try and change it later today … but your suggestion has been received and is being stored. Thank you!
    AKA The Inquiring Iguana

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