What new business does the island need?


Is this the next new business?

Now that it appears there will not be a casino or two opening on the island, the Inquiring Iguana got to wondering, “What new businesses would be welcome?”

Herewith, a list of some possible ‘grand openings’ to come. Vote for your favorite, maybe it will inspire someone to do it.

Or suggest your own? We’ll collect and publish them throughout the week.  Check back to see the ideas.

4 thoughts on “What new business does the island need?”

  1. I’m not surprised that “other” is in the lead. I am surprised movie theater is so high. Come-on tell us what are some of the “other” suggestions?

  2. No chains please. Of any type. I would be very happy to have a fresh seafood store that is open regular hours and offers fresh fish. (Food Center in St Thomas is excellent but a ferry ride away!!) Frozen seafood on an island in the Caribbean is embarrassing. (Star Fish – are you listening???)

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