Name that boat

The Department of Health is soliciting suggestions for the naming of a new ambulance boat for St.  It is expected to be completed within a month.


A spokesman for the department said that the suggestions are not limited to names of people, rather, all thoughts of what the vessel should be called are welcome. A committee including St. John residents "will take into consideration all the suggestions."

"St. John has a rich history and the selection of the name that shall be worn on the new ambulance boat will reflect this notable recognition,” Department of Health spokesperson Eunice Bedminster said. “As we anxiously await the arrival of our newly constructed vessel, we want the community to share in our excitement, especially urging the residents of St. John to participate in this initiative.”

The boat is being built by Gold Coast Yachts of St Croix. It will improve maritime and emergency medical transport from St. John to St. Thomas. This is a picture of one of the firm's Response Boats.

The Inquiring Iguana is laying even money it's named after a former island Governor or Senator.

4 thoughts on “Name that boat”

  1. This boat should be named after Ms. Cleone Creque who has served this community as a Senator, Funeral Director, worker at the DeCastro Clinic and many other facilities in both St. John and St. Thomas.

  2. This Boat shoud be named for Cleone Creque for her work for the Department of Health at the Morris de Castro Clinic and Myra Keeting Clinic in St. John;
    Her tireless efforts as a senator to ensure that all Virgin Islanders especially St. Johnians receive the best health care.

  3. The boat should be named for former sentor Ms. Cleone Creque. Ms. Creque was also a former Administrator of Health Services.

  4. Given the fact that Senator Cleone Creque served the territory and in particularly the St. John community so admirably, it would be quite fitting that the ambulance boat be emblazoned with her name.

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